Social Support

Mental illnesses are most often triggered by stresses such as family issues, work problems, or financial difficulties. Mental illness and stress can feed each other or make a chain reaction. For example, imagine that you lose your job and run into financial problems. This can make you extremely depressed and irritable so that you snap out at your partner frequently. This then affects your relationship and makes you feel even worse.  It's sometimes unrealistic to expect that mental illnesses are fully resolved on their own without addressing the external issues. I have listed a few services that can help with the social stresses.


Well let's start with the most obvious social help, Centrelink. If you are unemployed and struggle financially, Centrelink can support you financially and help you find a job. Click Here to visit the official website. 


St Vincent de Paul Society is a non-for-profit organisation that is run by volunteers and is aimed at helping people in poverty. Their agenda is to feed, clothe, house, and assist those who are forced onto the margins of society. Click Here to visit the website.


SASHS stands for Salvation Army Social Housing and Support. It assists people who are homeless or those at risk of homelessness in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Click Here to visit the website.


You may not be able to work during a nervous breakdown, accrue a lot of debts, and run into financial trouble. A financial counsellor can give you advice on how to get financial help and how to manage bills and debts. Please visit MoneyHelp or call MoneySmart on 1800 007 007 for free counselling.

Victoria Legal Aid:

People with mental illnesses, like anybody else, may get into trouble with police or get traffic fines. You may be struggling financially then and can't afford a private lawyer. Please approach Victoria Legal Aid for free legal advice. They may help you on their own or put you in the right direction.


There are several employment services that help people with mental illnesses to find a job. Please contact Centrelink or visit Job Access website for further information. A few examples of the available job agencies are as the followings: MatchWorks, Campbell Page, WCIG, Max Employment, Ostara Australia, Disability Employment Australia, ORS Group, and Wise Employment

Carers Victoria:

People around a person with mental illness provide valuable care and support. However, carers may need support themselves too. Carers Victoria provides help to carers. Please click Here to visit the website.


FMHSS stands for Family Mental Health Support Services. If you suffer from mental illness and have children, you can approach FMHSS. It provides support and helps you with your children. Please click Here to visit the website.

Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence is detrimental to mental health. You can report domestic violence or child abuse to Victoria Police. You can learn about family violence and available resources at Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.

Neami National:

Neami National is a non-for-profit organisation. It provides social support to people with mental illness. It's an outreach program and a social worker typically visits you in your place and helps you to work through social problems and reconnect you with the community. Please click Here to visit the official website.

Break Thru:

Break Thru is another non-for-profit organisation that provides social support. It assists people who are facing disadvantages such as severe mental illness, physical disability, long-term unemployment, poor education, or homelessness. Please click Here to visit the website.


NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS goal is to identify the needs of people with permanent and significant disabilities and to fund the supports and services they require. In the past, agencies and organisations were given money to help people in need. In the new approach, individuals are directly funded to receive help from the appropriate agencies. NDIS covers people with severe and chronic mental illnesses who are less than 65 years of age. Please click Here to visit the website.

Neighbourhood Houses:

Neighbourhood houses and community centres are great places to engage in community activities, to take training courses, and to connect with others. Please visit Neighbourhood Houses and find the most suitable community centre around you.