Professional help and treatment may be necessary if your psychological problem is severe and debilitating. It can be literally a lifesaver sometimes. I will list health professionals, treatments, and services available in the following sections.


But before proceeding further, it's important to mention a couple of things. There is a great deal of misunderstanding, stigma, fear, and false beliefs about treatment, especially about medication. For example, I've seen many who worry that treatment would change their personality, make them crazy, turn them into a zombie, make them addicted, or will damage their brain and body.


I strongly encourage you to share your concerns about treatment with your doctor. It is your right to know the risks and benefits of any treatment that you are going to receive. Your doctor should discuss different options so that you, together with your doctor, can choose the best treatment..

Who to approach for treatment?

Who to approach for treatment?

General Practitioner

A general practitioner is the one that you should approach first for non-urgent consultations and advice.


A psychiatrist is a medical specialist, and is the highest qualified person in assessing and treating mental illnesses. 

Other Professionals

They include psychologists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, family counsellors, and more.

What types of help are available?

What types of help are available?


You may consider medication if you have already tried other methods or if your illness is severe and you need quick relief.


Psychotherapy means that you talk with a professional about your problems and learn how to deal with them. Please read more.


Mental illness is often triggered by stress and social problems. You should address those issues to get better. Please read more here.

Where to receive treatment?

Where to receive treatment?

Public Services

Public Health services are free. Therefore, it's the one to go with if you can't afford private services. Please click to find more.

Private Practices

Private health services are not for free. However, you can see a senior doctor or health professional for as long as you wish. 

WorkCover & TAC

You can receive treatment under WorkCover or TAC if you develop health issues at work or in a road accident. Please read more here.