Drug & Alcohol Issues

Alcohol and drug abuse is a big issue in Australia . Substance misuse means that alcohol or drugs have got out of control and are affecting person's life, relationship, work, or health. Moreover, some people develop substance dependency which means the person has got hooked on alcohol or drugs, and can't pass a day without using them. People with substance dependency may develop tolerance which means that over time, they need higher amounts of alcohol or drugs to feel ok. They may also show withdrawal symptoms if they miss a day. For example, they may feel snappy and shaky if they don't use. Australians abuse different sorts of substances. Some are legal (like alcohol, tobacco, and glue for chroming) and some illegal (like cannabis, speed, ice, ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, heroin and cocaine). Some of prescribed medications are addictive too (like xanax, kalma, and valium).

Alcohol and drug use is more common in people with mental illness . Some experts believe that many of them use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate their mental illness. For example, alcohol can temporarily reduce your anxiety and lift your mood. Unfortunately, this is the worst way of treating mental illness in the long run, because alcohol and drug abuse usually make the mental illness worse and harder to treat. Moreover, they cause additional health problems on top of the mental illness. For example, excessive drinking is linked with liver disease, heart condition, and cancer. Smoking tobacco is also very common in people with mental illness. Smoking is a major health issue and a main cause of lung disease, heart conditions, and cancer.

Alcohol and drug misuse causes many troubles. Many become absent-minded, irritable, depressed, or paranoid. Most people struggle to keep up with work, study, and family life. Some may run into financial problems and may turn to crime to get money for alcohol and drugs. Some develop life-threatening physical illnesses like heart diseases or liver problems. People with substance misuse may also put others at risk; for example, they may get aggressive during withdrawal or intoxication or may drive recklessly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There is help for drug and alcohol issues. Please visit DirectLine for available services. 

Please click Here if you want to know the national guidelines on alcohol consumption. 

If you feel that you or your loved ones are at risk, then please click Here.