6) Start something new for fun!

You might not be interested in something new if you're already overloaded with commitments. But this in itself might be a sign that you don't have a balanced life. Then you might want to think how to cut down on excessive responsibilities and instead, do something new for fun. 

You may try a new hobby or re-start an old forgotten hobby. There are endless choices out there. It can be something minor or quite time-consuming, regular activities or something as a one-off. For example, you can go for fishing, play music, sing in a choir, take a road trip, go camping, travel overseas, attend an art class, paint adult colouring books, do crosswords, play cards with others, go to dance classes, learn the computer, attend church, renovate your house, play around with your garden, re-organise your home, get a new pet, learn to cook, attend a support group, or sign-up for a volunteer job.

Hobbies are great if they are engaging and are helping you to take your mind off yourself. You will feel particularly satisfied if you achieve something or you help others. For sure, you will go with something affordable if you're tight in your budget. You can go to the nearest library, church, or community centre to find out the free activities around you. Please found about them Here