5) Hang out with loved ones!

Supportive friendships and relationships can protect you against depression and anxiety. So, please approach close friends for consoling and hang out with them for fun. Several studies have shown that friendship is important for mental health, especially in women. When it comes to men, then having a family is even more important . Studies show that married men generally have better mental health than those who are single.         

Online networking like Facebook might be an alternative way of socialising for some people. However, a few research studies suggest that reading others' chipper posts or perfect photos may make you feel worse about yourself  .  For example, you may feel that your life is not as cool as others, you may start envying your friends, you may get jealous of your partner, or may regret sharing some information . So you may choose to limit your friend list to those that you feel particularly close to. 

On the other hand, abusive relationships, unhealthy friendships, and cyber bully are detrimental to your health. If you are subject to family violence or abuse, please visit Safe Steps. For the list of services available for bully and abuse, click Here.